Faith Over Fear: Sustaining Your Business During the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Faith Over Fear: Sustaining Your Business During the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

 What’s more contagious right now, the fear that’s rapidly spreading or the Coronavirus (Covid-19) itself? I would argue that they are both growing at an alarming rate. I vividly remember the flood of fear washing over me when I stepped into the grocery store and walked through the empty aisles.

Stay calm. Don’t panic. Wash your hands. But how do you truly mitigate fear when it feels as though your survival is truly on the line?

The survival of your business.
The survival of your elderly relatives.
The survival of your sanity.

You must get prepared and you must shift your perspective.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” – Bobby Unser

Sure, you’ve prepared your family to socially isolate during this Coronavirus pandemic. You’ve loaded up on food, stocked the fridge with wine, have Clorox wipes in every inch of the house and have more toilet paper than your family will need in the next six months. You’re physically ready to hunker down however long is necessary.


But what about your business?


How are you addressing the fear that a slowed-down economy may have on your business?

While it’s easy to answer this question from a doing perspective – like offering gift cards to your store or creating virtual professional services – I challenge you to answer it from an energetic perspective.  


What You Focus on Expands

 This is one of the most important, highly-underrated, elements of a successful business – being fully responsible for where you put your energetic focus. Being fearful is a choice that expands with each worry, each doubt and each negative phrase you speak aloud. 

I challenge you to align yourself with the strategic goals you set forth at the beginning of the year. Tap into the feeling of achieving each goal and release your attachment to the timeline. Consider that achieving a goal doesn’t have to be gradual. One paradigm shift could skyrocket your success with one optimal opportunity. Meaning if you continue to focus on aligning yourself with your strategic goals, your opportunity could manifest as soon as this pandemic subsides. Get ready.


Strategies Over Tactics

Just like Black Friday sales, it’s easy to take the opportunistic route and create a course on Being Productive During a Pandemic or offering deep discounts in fear of never making a sale this month but I challenge you to think differently. These short-term tactics perpetuate the energy of fear in your business, especially if they don’t align with your core brand values. Now is the time to review your business gaps and begin implementing strategies to address the following questions:

  • Do I know my business numbers? I suggest that all our entrepreneurial clients save up at least six months of their total expenses as their runway fund. If you don’t, consider applying for a Disaster Assistance Loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA).


  • Do I have the necessary tools to upgrade my business? This newfound downtime is sure to spark some ah-ha moments to elevate your business, but are you equipped to go to the next level? This is the time to upgrade your customer relationship management (CRM) software, audit your website for clarity, review your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and have one-on-one meetings with your team to understand their day-to-day challenges.


  • What have I been unwilling to try? Make a list of the strategies you’ve been shying away from trying in your business and get ready to take extraordinary action once social isolation is over. The world will forever be changed once the Coronavirus pandemic has subsided. Be ready to lead your company with new ideas, new approaches and a new perspective on how to thrive in our rebuilding economy.

Be of High Service

Fear has a tendency to make us shrink into self-preservation mode, but what would it look like for you to open up more than ever before in your business? This is an opportunity to show the heart of your business and to make a true impact in this world during a very uncertain time.

Ask yourself:

  • What gifts have I’ve been given that could support others while also connecting to my company’s brand?
  • How can I support the most susceptible population?
  • What would fulfill my spirit right now?


Fear begets fear. I challenge you to step into your inner truth that knows that you and your business will thrive again after this challenging time. 

  • Align your energy with your strategic goals.
  • Focus on implementing ideas that support your long-term strategy.
  • Open yourself up to be of the highest service to your clientele.
  • Keeping your vibration high during these uncertain times will support you in manifesting what most are trying to create from scarcity.

So this is a call forth, for all my high achieving ladies, to be of the highest service at an all-time low. This is the time to slow down, ground in and evolve into your next level.

So as we all do our part to socially isolate – let’s also do our part to #sociallyenhance.

All of us at The Ambition Studio are committed to flattening the curve and because we recognize the impact the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having on small businesses, we want to do whatever we can to help. We have opened daily, complimentary coaching sessions on our calendar indefinitely. Feel free to book one if you need to “pick our brains” on how to sustain your business throughout these uncertain times.

You got this, girl!




Queirra Fenderson

Queirra Fenderson

CEO & Founder

My clients hire me when they’re overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted from burning the midnight oil without the results to show for it. They realize that wearing busy as a badge of honor didn’t work for them in the corporate world and still doesn’t work as an entrepreneur. I coach my clients and their teams on how to develop their intuitive leadership to make quicker decisions, take bolder actions and shift into a leadership style of authenticity.

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