3 Must-Have Tools for Service-Based Businesses

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3 Must-Have Tools for Service-Based Businesses

Administrative tasks quickly become the bane of many small businesses. Creating contracts, sending invoices and chasing behind past due payments is enough to have you resent your business that once started out as a passion.

The chaos continues when you can’t seem to keep your head on straight with the millions of to-do lists, and tracking spreadsheets. It can all get very overwhelming, very quickly.

As the CEO, you need time to focus on the tasks most important to your business – the ones that really move the needle forward. So it’s essential that you know the best tools available to keep your efficiency up and your stress levels down.

The goal is to work smarter, not harder. With the tools below, I’m able to run The Ambition Studio more effectively without having to be more hands-on.

Tool #1 – Dubsado

One of the most important tools for service-based businesses is a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool. It goes without saying that your clients are what make your business, so being able to manage them all in one place will instantly make your business processes more effective.

Dubsado makes client and lead management easy with its wide range of features. Through Dubsado, I’m able to:

  • Create proposals for prospective clients
  • Send client’s contracts that can be electronically signed
  • Send client invoices
  • Send questionnaires
  • Email out client testimonial requests
  • Create lead capture forms for people to fill out when they’re interested in working with me

The best part is that Dubsado can do all of this through automated workflows. My favorite feature allows clients to view their proposal, sign their contract and pay their deposit invoice all in one step. I believe in being easy to hire and this is one of the tools that make that a reality.

Tool #2 – Monday.com

Monday.com is top on my list of must-have tools for service-based businesses. When I needed a project management tool, I kept being referred to Trello and Asana. While I enjoyed using Asana for a bit, I realized that I kept going back to my Excel spreadsheets and needed something similar. That’s when I found Monday.

I love the visual element married with the spreadsheet layout. With Monday.com, I can:

  • Create boards with color-coded status updates
  • Communicate/collaborate with my team
  • Track all the tasks in my business and their due dates
  • Keep track of all my numbers with custom fields

Now that I have the right project management tool, I’m more productive and I’m better able to see what’s happening in my business. Even when working on multiple projects at once, I’m confident that nothing is slipping through the cracks because it’s all in one place.

Tool #3 – Acuity Scheduling

One of the most time-consuming parts of running a business is the long thread of emails it takes to schedule a call. That’s why Acuity Scheduling is at the top of my must-have tools for service-based businesses list – those back and forth emails have to go!

Nowadays, there are many scheduling tools on the market to choose from. Acuity made the cut because it was so robust while being easy to use. Acuity allows me to:

  • Create unlimited appointment types
  • Connect my outside calendar so everything is one place
  • Set different availability for any appointment type
  • Send automatic emails before and after appointments
    …and more!

Bonus Tip: After you’ve connected with someone at an event, send them an email asking if they’d like to continue the conversation and include your scheduling link. This has proven to be an effective way to build relationships with other entrepreneurs, which is invaluable to any small business.

Grab all the other tools we use at The Ambition Studio plus the top 4 books I recommend to all my clients by clicking here.

Queirra Fenderson

Queirra Fenderson

CEO & Founder

My clients hire me when they’re overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted from burning the midnight oil without the results to show for it. They realize that wearing busy as a badge of honor didn’t work for them in the corporate world and still doesn’t work as an entrepreneur. I coach my clients and their teams on how to develop their intuitive leadership to make quicker decisions, take bolder actions and shift into a leadership style of authenticity.

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