Your Business Success Depends on Your Willingness to Act

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Your Business Success Depends on Your Willingness to Act

What have you been unwilling to do to get the business success you’ve never gotten? Now I’m going to keep it real with you – whether you like it or not, you always have a choice. So if you have been feeling like you want to throw in the towel, or you just don’t know what to do next, it’s time to take a look at the things you’ve been unwilling to do and choose to act.


Start with a list

Begin by listing out three things you can do that would have an impact on your business success. I know that seems like a small number, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and that is why it was able to last for well over 1000 years. Creating too long of a list will only serve to overwhelm you and may stop you in your tracks before you ever begin.

When creating your list, think about the things that your ego has told you are beneath you. Three things that are outside of your comfort zone. Three things that you know in your heart if you had enough courage to tackle, it would move your business forward. If your list scares you, you’re on the right track.


Schedule your action items

Making a list is great, but it won’t bring you any closer to business success if you don’t complete it. I recommend using a project management tool (I use to keep track of your tasks. You’ll be able to store any information needed to complete the tasks and can set due dates so you get reminders to hold you (and your team) accountable.

Another tool I encourage you to use to schedule your action items is a calendar, of course. If one of the things you listed out in the first step was “I’ve been unwilling to go to networking events,” schedule one in on your calendar with reminders so you don’t forget. I even schedule in travel time to make sure I plan my day correctly.


Take extraordinary action

Your business success is directly tied to the actions you are willing to take. As entrepreneurs, we love to strategize and map things out – setting goals is always fun. At some point, though, you have to stop planning and DO.

It’s important to remember that change and success is an ongoing process. You can’t take just one action, make one attempt, and call it a day. New actions may require a lot of effort at first, but they do eventually become habits. The hardest part about doing what you’ve been unwilling to do is actually getting started.



Your business success can be non-negotiable – you just have to make it that way. Stop pretending like you’re out of ideas. Stop complaining that you’ve tried everything. Stop arguing for your limitations. Instead:

  • Create a list of 3 things you’ve been unwilling to do
  • Identify the necessary steps of action and add them to your schedule
  • Take massive action!

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Queirra Fenderson

Queirra Fenderson

CEO & Founder

My clients hire me when they’re overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted from burning the midnight oil without the results to show for it. They realize that wearing busy as a badge of honor didn’t work for them in the corporate world and still doesn’t work as an entrepreneur. I coach my clients and their teams on how to develop their intuitive leadership to make quicker decisions, take bolder actions and shift into a leadership style of authenticity.

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