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We love working with high-achieving women to help them shift their mindset, money, and impact – without the burnout. We are very selective about who we work with and have an application process to decide if and how we can help you—and we only accept clients we believe will have an amazing ROI from our programs.

Client Love

  • “Thank you, Queirra, for your vision, brilliance, energy, company, knowledge, instincts, pampering, and oh so much more. It was the exact right time to work so collaboratively and vehemently to take Nutrition On Demand apart and put it back together.”

    Shelly Maniscalco
    Shelly Maniscalco
  • “I was two years into my business and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first child when I decided to work with Queirra.  I was tired of shying away from the bigger opportunities and living with the anxiety of an imagined future.Our open, honest and vulnerable coaching sessions allowed me to shift from employee to executive in my business and life.”

    Mary Collins
    Mary Collins Co-Founder, Carpe DC Food Tours
  • “Before working with Queirra, I was seriously considering walking away from my business. I was stuck in overwhelm, analysis paralysis and trying to get everything perfect. I was beyond excited when I manifested dope sh*t and secured a contract for a wine tasting even for 250 doctors, my biggest event to date.”

    Kim Dozier
    Kim Dozier Sommelier
  • HIRE HER. I mean that's really the best advice I can give but I'll try to elaborate. Queirra is amazing. From about 10 minutes into our first conversation I felt like I'd known her for years. She has this incredible way of being able to balance giving you space, being your friend, but showing up as a coach and asking high level questions that make you stop and think and push you forward. I worked with Queirra for 3 months leading up to a coach training program I was doing, and then after that year of training (where I was assigned to a specific coach to work with), I immediately re-hired Queirra for 6 months. She is supportive, sassy in the very best way, and you just know she's in your corner. I have made immense strides personally and professionally and I attribute much of that to working with her and the shifts I was able to make with her support and guidance. She is incredible and whoever is lucky enough to work with her will have hired the very best!

    Aly Brookland
    Aly Brookland Legal Recruiter
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