The 6 Success Secrets for a Sustainable Business

This training is the foundation your business needs to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship

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Fast forward to 10:30, download the From Burnout to Breakthrough guide below,
and flip to page 4 to take the Know Your Gaps assessment!


How to Make Space for Your Intuition When You’re Good at Getting Sh*t Done


How to Turn Off Your Business Mind to Gain More Balance

What you focus on gets created!

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Client Love

  • “I was two years into my business and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first child when I decided to work with Queirra.  I was tired of shying away from the bigger opportunities and living with the anxiety of an imagined future.Our open, honest and vulnerable coaching sessions allowed me to shift from employee to executive in my business and life.”

    Mary Collins
    Mary Collins Co-Founder, Carpe DC Food Tours
  • “Before working with Queirra, I was seriously considering walking away from my business. I was stuck in overwhelm, analysis paralysis and trying to get everything perfect. I was beyond excited when I manifested dope sh*t and secured a contract for a wine tasting even for 250 doctors, my biggest event to date.”

    Kim Dozier
    Kim Dozier Sommelier
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